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Dear Child: Baby C.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dear Baby C.,

It's has been six long long months since we brought you into this world still. I am finding that it is hard to wrap my head around the fact that it's been six months since you made your entrance and departure. It often feels like the world has passed us by. Life is going on and it's hard not to see all of what/who is missing. It's hard to not see you in everything and how you'd play your role. I often write to you and tell you exactly how you would have fit into our day. Whether it's playing with your cousins, seeing your grandparents, play dates, or simply staying in.

Today - I just want to write to you & say thank you. Thank you for making me a mama. Thank you for sending so many love signs to me, your daddy, and those around that love you so, so much. Thank you for teaching your daddy & I how to love each other deeper. Thank you for teaching and continuing to teach us how to parent a boy that is not next to us, even though you should be. Thank you for teaching us how to spread our love far and wide enough to get to you, even on the hard days. Thank you for teaching me more about myself, love and my support system in the last six months than I've learned in my 21 years.

Although, things are a lot different than we imagined, we are so lucky to have you. You are the biggest blessing to our family. We are missing you so much, but I know that you are with me in everything I do. I am so lucky and thankful that you chose me to be your mama. I will never stop being thankful for you and our time. I promise to always hold place for you even when it feels like the world is passing us by & I promise to continue to spread my love far and wide.

I love you our sweet boy.



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