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Dear Child: Addilyn & Emersyn

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dear Addilyn and Emersyn,

As Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but always think of the two of you. My two girls who made me a mommy and for that I am forever grateful. I thank God for allowing you both to be with me for 24 weeks.

I think back when me and your dad found out we were pregnant with TWIN GIRLS! We couldn’t believe it and were so excited. With that excitement though, we also were anxious and worried because we knew a twin pregnancy was high risk. When we found out I had a short cervix at my 20 week appointment, we were even more worried and unsure what to expect. Four weeks later, I began having contractions Easter night and everything happened so fast. The two of you were born via emergency c-section. There was so much more I wanted to say to the both of you and all I could whisper between sobs was how sorry I was. I hope you know I would have done everything and anything to save the both of you and protect you. It makes me sad that you didn’t even get a chance to live your lives or meet our family and friends who were so excited to spoil and adore you both. Your daddy and I miss you and often talk about how the two of you would be today. I hope you both know what a gift and blessing you both were. I hope you know that your lives were precious and important and that none of this was your fault.

You both have forever changed me and the person I am today. I thank you for the strength the two of you have given me. When asked how many children I have, I share with everyone 4 and how special my 2 girls are to my heart. I know your brother Cole and sister Elliana would have loved you both. As I write this with tears in my eyes, I can’t wait to share with them both, who the two of you were and how special you were to mommy and daddy and how much we loved you. We will always feel that there is a gap in our family that only the two of you can fill and where you both should be. Continue to send signs and watch over Cole and Elliana.

I love you both and carry you in my heart forever.

Love, mommy.

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