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Noelle's Hope Box

The Noelle's Hope Box delivers comfort goods, artwork, grief tools, and messages of hope to recently bereaved families.

Many of the items in our Noelle's Hope Boxes are contributed by organizations, parents, and grandparents that were inspired by their own experience with loss. Our boxes are designed to help its recipient remember that the love of a child never dies and that there is always light in times of darkness.

While our Noelle's Hope Boxes are provided free of charge, we kindly encourage those requesting a box to make a donation of any amount so that this program can continue for the next family in need.

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Hope Box Request Form

To request a Hope Box for a recently bereaved family, please complete the form below. Due to current demand and the level of customization in each box, please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery time.

Thanks for submitting!

Hope Boxes: Sales Lead
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