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Dear Child: Angel Baby, Dominick & Damian

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dear Angel Baby,

We may have only had you for 9 weeks in my belly but, you are so loved. We think about you and talk about you. To many people, you might be an afterthought but you will always be a blessing to our family. Without you, we would not know your brothers and we believe that you had a hand in them surviving against all odds. We are so grateful for you. Keep watching over us.

I love you always,



Dear Dominick and Damian,

I write to you, my miracle boys, with the deepest gratitude for making me your mother. Your purpose here on Earth is far greater than you may ever understand.

Damian & Carolyn

After we lost your older sibling, we were thrilled to find out that both of you would be joining our family. We never thought we wanted twins until we saw you two on the ultrasound screen; it was then that you two were all that we wanted.

During your time in my belly, you experienced many challenges- none of which was anyone’s fault. I believe that those experiences made us all who we are today. Your fight and tenacity instilled in me a very maternal instinct and our bond was immediately fortified. We fought hard against twin to twin transfusion syndrome and intrauterine growth restriction. You battled through an in-utero surgery, 2 MRIs, several echocardiograms and numerous ultrasounds; every week, day and hour counted. I gave up everything on the spot - I went out on disability from work and effectively entered 3 months of bedrest. Against all odds, we made it to 30 weeks and 1 day. We did it together and we were victorious. I am so proud to be on your team.

Dominick & Carolyn

In the NICU I drew strength from you, my fighters. Your 3lb 13oz and 1lb 4 oz bodies carried the weight of the world and you pulled through. Dominick was a stable rock that grounded our family as we rallied around Damian who had a much larger fight. Your teamwork and fight for each other is something I will always cherish.

You two have renewed a sense of faith in your father and I that we will never lose. You have awakened those around you to a power that is greater than our Earthly understanding. Against all odds, you are here to share your story and provide hope to those who have lost their way. Our fight against this terrible disease has led me to a role at the TTTS Foundation and your story has inspired so many families to keep fighting. We pray that you will never lose your faith, your fighting spirit and special bond that only twin brothers have.

I couldn’t love you more….

… Until tomorrow

<3 Mama

Damian pictured left, Dominick right

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